The Battle Begins

Gabby, Crabby

Gabby, Crabby

The Gabster woke up and Carolynn Gave her the Chemo at 7:30, followed by a trip through the tunnels of CHOP to get Radiation accross the street. Just walking in the room and seeing that machine, and the mask they would put over her face to keep her head still was enough to bring you to tears. However she got through it, went back to the room and had a well deserved nap. She worked with her Occupational and PT and seemed to do well.

We took a bath and turned out the lights and all watched Beauty and the Beast. It was scary because as you sit there and watch her you think, is she really watching this? When we walked in here on Memorial Day she was a little off balance and talking slower — but nothing that would ever lead you to beleieve it was this monster. Last thursday she was pushing people around in wheel chairs and high fiving people , hugging and telling everyone she loved them. She actually kicked the Childlife specialist out of the room and exclaimed “I DON’T HAVE CANCER!” while she was discussing it with Gabby and her two sisters. (FYI when we discuss it with her, it is now the YUCKIES.)

Fast forward to the days after the biopsy: She barely speaks, can’t walk unassisted and it is a struggle to get a smile or laugh out of her. But when you do get a smile out of her it gives you hope, melts your heart and makes the pain go away for a beautiful second.

Until something like this happens you never realize how beautiful a smile is.

As I sit here in the dark, Carolynn is behind me reading a book on childhood brain and spinal cord tumors, Playing Bob Marley, “Don’t worry about a thing cuz everything is gonna be alright (three little birds).” Gabby is laying in front of me. All I can do is listen to her breathe, listen to the cute snore she has had for 5 years.

Today was her first treatment and tomorrow the next. Each day she fights, each day she will beat this thing more, and each night she will continue to snore.

Gabby’s and our motto is BELIEVE. Because when it comes down to it, there is no other option. IT is how we live and how we will continue to live.


3 thoughts on “The Battle Begins

  1. There is no other option and we will keep believing and keep praying for sweet Gabby. Much love-
    The Adkins Family (our 5 year old Lily is a brain tumor survivor!)