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  1. Dear Chris, Beautiful thank you for this. Bless all of you, always in our hearts. xo

  2. OMG….this is so wonderful! Makes me cry and laugh…Gabby was a beautiful girl…Happy Birthday Gabby!!! xoxo to the vogels! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I just loved this video! Thank you so much for sharing. I cried both happy tears and sad tears for your family..You had such a wonderful little girl and I am so sorry for your loss.Your other 2 little girls are amazing as well..I have a nephew who is battling a rare brain tumor and we pray everyday that he gets better.No one will ever understand why these kinda things happen no matter how hard we try.We just have to not take for granted one day that we get to spend with our children..Thank you again for sharing your memories they were wonderful.

  4. Just b strong . I lost my dad that same week on saturday .GOD will take care of them 4 us until we meet them again .

  5. What a beautiful video Carolynn, John, Katie and Madison! The ballons made Gabby laugh and smile I am sure…and what a BEAUTIFUL smile and laugh she has!

    We all miss Gabby too….and send you love.
    Kristin and Peter
    Chauvin, Louisiana

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video with us of your beautiful family!

    • such a beautiful and powerful video,i know gabby must be so proud of her family,you are truly amazing…the love,the strength,kindness and so inspiring…i am really happy that she had you as parents and such great sisters….and of course you were all truly blessed having such a special little girl as gabby in your family!i wish the world could see this video….we can all learn something from gabby and you all!thanks for making me a better person gabby,i will always believe!xoxox

  7. Thank you for sharing your life with us, I feel like i know you all when I really have never meet you. What an amazing video, my life has been touched by all of you!!! Love to you all!!

  8. Such wonderful memories..you have an amazing family..I know its hard that a piece of that family is now missing but you still have much to be thankful for!

  9. Dear John and Carolynn,

    The Celebration for Gabby was absolutely beautiful. I thank you all for allowing me and my children to share her special day. I think of Gabby daily, and thank her for reminding me what is truly important. Both my children and I talked on the way home about how they would miss Gabby and why Jesus took her to heaven. They never met Gabby, but from what they had heard and saw they thought Gabby was a very nice little girl and wanted to play with her. Have to say that made me cry most of the way home. But we really talked about what would make Gabby happy to see from heaven. We will continue to BELIEVE!

    Again thank you and we pray for you family daily and to Gabby.

    Catherine Powell

  10. This was an amazing video honoring an amazing little girl. I know all of those balloons and letters made there way to heaven to gabby and she is smiling down on all of us. You guys will forever remain in my prayers. God Bless the Vogels and Pay it Forward because we BELIEVE in Gabby forever!!

  11. What a beautiful girl, Happy Birthday Gabby, may they have a wonderful celebration for you up in heaven, and may you shine down on your family and keep them safe and may they feel your love. I’d also like to thank Gabby’s family.Yesterday after church my daughter and I stopped by Build A Bear in KOP and were one of the blessed customers that received a gift of a bear(actually Snoopy) that we were told was a wonderful gift from Gabby’s family as it was one of her wishes before she passed on, to visit the store. Thank you, and know that every time my daughter hugs her Snoopy I will think of your precious daughter. God Bless and my pay it forward by the way is to give to the children make a wish.

  12. The video was absolutley beautiful. What a beautiful family. We will all miss Gabby and always remember her. She had a smile that lighted up anyones life. Keep the memories and stay strong. Knowing that Gabby will always be with you.
    With much love and I will always believe.
    Love always,

  13. “Uncle Chris” <3
    Words cannot express how much this video touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful memories of Gabby with the world. I think about her every day, and every night, along with the entire Vogel family. How blessed she was to have you all as a part of her life.Her sisters are SO beautiful, and their words to Gabby were just precious. You are all just..amazing. We will never leave any of your sides, as long as you let us be there for you all. Thank you so much for sharing Gabby with us, she has changed me. God Bless xo


  14. That was a beautiful tribute the a special little girl and her family!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. Wow, that video was beautiful… touching.. and made me cry.. So sorry for all your family has gone through.. Prayers continue for your family.. and all you continue to go through.. I can only imagine how difficult this must be.. We lost a child by miscarriage.. who would have turned 6 this November.. so this year.. has been so difficult.. for us.. and losing both my parents.. and having a very small family.. and my aunt is on hospice.. I’m crying for me.. and for you.. too..<3

  16. That was a stunningly beautiful video. I have tears dripping down my face and a huge sadness in my heart. I’m so sorry…

  17. GOD BLESS your little family and Live with the knowledge you will see your precious Gabby again <3 God has made her whole and well again but unfortunatley he had to take her to Heaven to do so…Thank you for sharing her with us she has touched so many hearts and brought everyone closer to GOD. Will be praying for strength for you to endure the absence of your little girl…Thank you again Barbara<3

  18. WOW! That was so intimate,beautiful, and powerful. God bless you Vogel family<3 Watching Gabby's tribute definitely makes me want to hug my kids more! Thank you so much for sharing and Chris did a wonderful job conveying Gabby's impact to the world in such a few amount of minutes. Thank you for letting everyone share in Gabby's life she was so full of life and perhaps we all can follow suit and LIVE life!

  19. WOW! thank you for sharing that beautiful video and your memories!!! it was very touching. esp in the delivery room when she was born! I laughed, I cried.. i sobbed… i’m still crying! I think of her everyday.. Rest in Peace GaBBY gIRL! We all love you and are so glad you arent suffering anymore!

    ~to your family~ what great big sisters you are! and mom and dad… so strong! may hewrap his loving arms around you and keep you up! I hope all these memories get you thru! <3

  20. I read about Gabby on FB, and was directed to this video. That was one of the most heart touching things I have ever seen. Gabby’s Angelic face, the kind words, the music, it was all so beautiful. My heart aches and cries for you. May God’s love surround you and somehow let you feel Gabby’s love and peace around you. God Bless You All!

  21. I continue to be truly inspired by the entire Vogel Family! Gabby was SO lucky to have all of you 🙂 Thanks for reminding us what truly matters in this life. Gabby, you continue to touch thousands of people. You will always be magical! Continued love and support being sent your way Vogel’s!

  22. Yesterday a stranger paid for our 3-year-old son’s pony ride and handed us a notecard explaining that her act of kindness was in remembrance of Gabby.

    Just a little over a year ago our little boy was fighting for his life at Dupont Children’s Hospital. I can’t help but think that he and Gabby would have made beautiful friends. Today he’s healthy, and we’re going to use Gabby’s story as a way to teach him and his baby brother about the power of human kindness, and about a special little angel who will surely smile every time they complete a selfless act. We’ll be passing on that notecard and doing acts of kindness for other children, all in Gabby’s name. We know too well the pain, the helplessness, of having a gravely ill child. We’re so, so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful girls.

    With hearts full of love and empathy,

    The Witmer Family
    Brett, Rebecca, Brady and baby Caleb

  23. Uncle Chris,

    That was so beautiful on so many different levels. And I believe it helped the girls to express their feelings. Little Gabby has made such an impact on thousands of people and her legacy will go on in years to come through all of her family and friends. Tears and hugs to all of you.

  24. I have been following Gabby’s page, prayed for quite some time and had fallen in love with her forever ago. Seeing this video shows what a beautiful little life she had thanks to her family! Not only was her life beautiful, but so is she. Her story only brings me to want to do more for my own family, my children, to always show them love and support and enjoy their every bit of existence. So, with that said, “thank you Gabby for showing me what love is really all about. I’m sorry it had to be in this way, but thank you.”

  25. This video is so beautiful…I can’t even begin to tell you how much it touched me.
    Such precious memories of your little Princess Gabby…I cried through the whole thing.
    I will not tell you that I know how you feel or what you are going through…But as a Mother who has lost a child I will say my heart goes out to you all.
    God Bless You

  26. What a beautiful video. I really enjoyed seeing Gabby as a happy little baby and child. Made me laugh, and made me cry. I’m a parishioner at St. Ann’s and saw your family once with Gabby in church during the time she was sick. I was the Lector that day, and felt such sorrow that day, and other days, when I read Gabby’s name as someone to pray for in the petitions–so unfair for such a sweet child to go through something so awful. It sounds like her birthday celebration was really special. I continue to keep you in my prayers. Gabby’s experience has truly opened my eyes to childhood cancer. She has really touched my life.

  27. It’s so evident what a wonderful mom you are Carolynn. My heart cries for your family. I will always carry you guys and Gabby in my heart.

  28. What a beautiful video….thank you for sharing Gabby’s life with everyone…she, and your family, have taught a life lesson to all you have welcomed into your lives. The lesson of love and to believe….happy birthday Gabby, and may each day bring a little less pain to your family.

  29. Heartbreaking. Great job getting the girls talking and putting it on video for them to look back on…

  30. Beautiful and so sad at the same time. It’s wonderful to see the vitality of Gabby and the love your family has for each other. Stay strong and know thousands are inspired by your beautiful girls.

  31. That was absolutely beautiful. Also heartbreaking. Praying for you all. Gabby your first boyfriend is a cutie. <3

  32. My daughter (8 years old) and I watched Gabby’s video this morning and I sobbed and sobbed…..my daughter touched my arm and consoled me. That is how children are…they are so strong yet so sympathetic and loving. Both Madison and Kate are amazing big sisters…their courage and their love shone through and I could feel the love even more pronounced when the balloons were heading up to Gabby. I’m so sorry that life has taken your precious Gabby from you but I do know that she knows how much you love her and one day you will all be together again. I wish it were today and this was all a big nightmare that wasn’t true. Thank you for sharing Gabby with me. She has touched my family’s hearts in so many ways.

  33. Simply Beautiful!!! So many special memories of a very special and loved little girl. Many tears have fallen for Gabby, she has touched so many….she will always live on in all of our hearts and we will continue to “BELIEVE” God bless you Gabby!!! I will continue to pray for all of you!!

  34. Very wet face about now! thanks for posting this, Very inspirational and touching. Gabby inspires me everyday to think of others and be more aware of childhood cancers. Dear John & Carolynn, Katie and Madison, your precious Gabby will live on forever not only in your hearts but those of us who never even got to meet you and hug you and tell you how heavy with sorrow we are but lifted by the life that shone out of Gabby at every turn, she really knew how to enjoy life……

  35. John & Carolynn, Katie and Madison,
    We sent love and wishes from 3,600 miles away on Sunday 9th. I and a friend took some children to the play area in Clissold Park, London, UK, in memory of Gabby.
    Thank you for the beautiful video.

  36. What a heartbreaking video of a vibrant child and such a loving family circle. It is hard to watch because all the while we know that with those carefree happy smiles there is a tragedy waiting inevitably at the end. Worst was Gabby’s first boyfriend I think, and the images as she finally slipped away. Beautiful little girl, what she might have grown up to become…. Makes me love my teenaged boys all the more. My thoughts to the family.

  37. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Having 3 daughters myself, I can’t even imagine the sorrow your entire family must be feeling. Gabby is a beautiful little girl, keep her memory close to your heart & cherish the good times you had with her.
    Thank you.

  38. Dear Gabby’s family,

    This is such a beautiful video. I shed tears everytime I watch. Holly told me about the video and I just had to watch. Gabby was a gorgeous baby girl. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to her. She is in everyones hearts. I know you guys are struggling with this. I am going to do my best to help. To GAbby’s sisters, don’t feel guilty. Just because you didn’t play with her. You were just being a big sister. That’s what big sisters do 🙂 I’m a big sister myself, and I don’t play with ny sister, but she still looks up to me. Just know gabby loved you. She is in our hearts. I wish the best for your family and I shall pray.

  39. Such a powerful and moving video. <3
    I'm currently at university and this video made me realise how the importance of family and friends. Too often we take these things for granted not taking the time to appreciate them. As the video shows life can change so drastically in just a matter of months so every moment is precious.
    I think it is lovely that you have so many videos to remember Gabby by and clearly made the most of every moment you spent together, even before she was diagnosed.
    This video has inspired me to make a difference, to appreciate my loved ones more and to treasure every moment spent together.

    Thank you for sharing Gabby's story, she will be missed. Though she is gone, her memory will live for ever thanks to you.


  40. Simple words cannot express my sorrow at the loss of beautiful Gabriella. But the joy of meeting Katie and Madison through this video touched my heart and soothed my soul a bit. Bless you and your beautiful family.

  41. Blessings and strength to your family…….I am not sure how you have managed to keep yourselves and girls together, but you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing a part of Gabby’s and your family’s lives. This truly touched my heart. Gabby was very loved and had a very loving and caring family. She as all of your girls are beautiful. We will never know why this happened to such a beautiful child or why illness or other ugliness happens to children every day. I do see something positive (if that’s what you can call it) from Gabby’s life and that is that she has touched so many hearts and hopefully that in turn will encourage people to get involved with pediatric cancer or other issues that negatively effect children. I know that it has touched my nephew and my daughter and now it has touched and motivated me. I BELIEVE! I believe that there is something each and every one of us can make a difference whether it be petition the government, contribute money or time, that it should help us be kinder and more considerate of people. It should make us all wake up and see there is something (no matter how trivial we think it is) that we can do to make a difference. God bless Gabby, your two beautiful daughters, your wife and you. May God give you the strength to not only get through each and every day, but to heal your pain and help your family move forward. I wish there was some way I could help to ease your pain. Shame on those who feel they have the right to post any negativity on this beautiful site that posts tribute to a beautiful child. A person who would do such a thing is either mentally ill or just plain cold hearted. I am very sorry you, your wife and family had to be subject to such ignorance. Love and healing to your family, I am so very sorry for your loss as are many other people. One little girl has touched very many lives………Gabby HAS made a difference and so is the rest of your family.

  42. Now I fully understand the meaning of Eric Clapton’s “Tears In Heaven” . All our tears are shed on earth so there are none left for heaven. My heart breaks for you.

  43. Sending many blessing to all your family. RIParadise lil Gabby. I will love and cherish my 3 lil girls more than ever. Thank U.

  44. This video needs to be SEEN. I mean by BIG names to bring AWARENESS. Beautifully done, and to listen to their letters to Gabby and see their precious faces really makes it REAL.
    God bless your family, and may He give you the strength to get through each day.

  45. What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful girl. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  46. Thank you for sharing your home movies of your beautiful angel. You have such a beautiful family. I am so sorry your family has sufferered such a loss. May God bring you streangth and peace. What you have done with this enormouse tragedy is amazing and I hope that Gabby is able to reach families everywhere and that the awareness you bring helps find a cure. Your family is truly amaizing. I BELIEVE

  47. The video was just wonderful yet heartbreaking. There is nothing I or anyone can say that will make your family feel any better but I so wish there was. The only thing I know to do for you is to pray for peace, comfort, and healing. I can’t wait to see Get Well Gabby take off and soar. It is going to be a great foundation. One last thing, I love your Believe tattoo. It is amazing.

  48. Thank you Chris and Family. This video shows that u have a wonderful family, and that Gabby was such a special little girl that God gave to you. Prayers be with you and your family always.

  49. I have followed along with your families story. I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Gabby. I watched the video and couldn’t stop crying. You were so blessed to have such a precious Gabby in your lives. Maddie and Katie, you were such great big sister’s to Gabby, you could see how much she loved you both so much.

    I lost a daughter at 24 weeks, I have a son and twin daughters now, today we were leaving Friendly’s and my kids all got balloons. One of my girl’s balloon floated away, she cried about losing it (I went back in and got another one for her) when we reached the van, she told me, mommy my orange balloon is floating to Heaven as a present to my big sister, Rebekah. It meant so much to me to hear that, she is only 4 and for her to think about that on her own, was so touching.

    It’s the little things that mean so much. We are approaching 7 yrs since we lost her, but still feels like yesterday. Many hugs and blessings to you and your family. I pray that we find a cure and kick cancer’s butt.

  50. The part where the girls sent the balloons up to Heaven hit me pretty hard. My grandad died of cancer too, and when me and my sisters got a hold of some balloons, we would always release them and send them to Heaven for him. Even though his death was in 2005 and me and my sisters are currently 18, 14, 12, and 9, we still send those balloons <3

  51. I.could only imagine wht ur going threw its gotta be hard I pray everynite for my 1yr old to stay healthy I dont know wht id do,but I just hope for the best god bless baby gabby! My prayers r with ur family GOD BLESS!!!

  52. This is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. God bless you all and I will keep your family in my prayers. <3

  53. I”am seeing your vedio for the 1st time. Im glad that u have shered it with world. She was a wonderful little girl. My heart gos out to u and your family. No kid ushould have to thru caner. I lost my mother inlaw to caner in 2004. She had 3 small kids still at home. Me and her had kids 22 hours about. I love and miss her everyday. The lost gets easyer but never gos away. I will keep your family in my prayers. Im so sorry for your lost. May god hold u and walk with u all