Run An Event

Do you believe we can find a cure for pediatric cancer? Would you like to help run an event to raise money to help the Get Well Gabby Foundation and their mission? We’d love your help!

You can do anything to raise funds. Every dollar helps us achieve our goal.

Here are some fundraising ideas:

  • Have Penny Wars — Have two classrooms, departments, neighboring business or organizations collect change in jars. The group who collects the most gets bragging rights and the money goes to the foundation.
  • Hold a Car wash.
  • Charge admission for a BBQ, holiday party, or other party – Pay $5.00 and the donation goes to the foundation.
  • Hold a walk in your community – Charge a walking fee, have people get sponsors for the distance they walk.
  • Have a bake sale.
  • Have a yard sale – Take back your attic, closets or garage and have the proceeds support the foundation.
  • Have a weight loss challenge among your friends – Get sponsors to donate a dollar for every pound you lose, or donate ten dollars for every pound you don’t lose.
  • Have a pajama day at your local school – Pay $1.00 to wear pajamas to school.
  • Have a casual day at your work – Pay $5.00 to wear jeans.
  • Collect donations instead of gifts at you or your child’s birthday party.
  • Be creative and think of your own fundraiser to collect money for the foundation!


Before you start a fundraiser, please fill out this form with your event information. We’ll list your event on our website and give you support to help make sure your event is a success.


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