Gabby’s Gift Program

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the entire family. Expenses for medical treatment are often covered by insurance, however everyday home expenses are not. Families often have to give up or temporarily leave one job to care for their child. Additional expenses add up, including gas to transport the child to treatment and food purchases since many days are spent in a hospital or traveling for treatments. Families can also experience additional costs for their other children who may need extended child care services. All of these expenses can cause a financial burden on the family.

Through the Gabby’s Gift Program, families and social workers are able to apply to receive financial assistance, travel assistance, or request a wish list item for the child who is currently being treated for cancer.

Since this program began, we have been able to help many families with so many different needs. We have provided funds for gas, groceries, meals away from home, and clothing. We have paid rent, mortgages, car payments, and electric bills. We have also been able to give funds for general living expenses.

To donate towards the Gabby’s’ Gift Program, please click on the here or checks can be sent to PO Box 555 Ocean View, DE 19970.


“Wow thank you. I’m not even sure what else I could say… besides thank you. This is such a hard journey. This is his second surgery in not even 4 months. Needless to say I’m a wreck.
Again thank you, I’m so grateful..”
– Ashley

“Good morning! We received the package!!! Thank you so much! That was such a pleasant surprise and a blessing! We have been blessed despite this diagnosis and I’m confident someday this will all be a memory!!! Well wishes to you and your family and the organization!”
– Taryn

“Maddie received the package and her joy was just off the charts!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!
– Kim

“We love your family and I will be forever grateful for you giving us the opportunity to go to Disney”
– Stephanie