Because Gabby went Ka-CHOO!

My Daughter Gabby is dead…. The beautiful, cute little hand that used to take mine as we crossed the road, those amazing blue eyes and her hair that was so bright it would cause the sun to squint are gone.  What is left of Gabby’s body sits in a Pink Marble Urn on our bedside table.  What is left of her body now fits in a container that is 7 and a half inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 and a half inches tall.

For the first year I looked at that Urn and hurt, I still hurt. I still can’t believe I won’t touch that hand, run my fingers through that beautiful hair. But that’s not her anymore, the energy, the positivity, the true beauty of what made Gabriella isn’t in there, all that’s in there is ash not her hand or eyes anymore.  I believe Gabby is all around me, with me, the wind blowing on my face, the soft hum of the house late at night when everyone is asleep.  That’s my Gabby now. The shell is gone but Gabby never will be. I carry her with me wherever I go.  I carry her in my heart.  The same place I carry all of my children.


Get Well Gabby started as a personal page when Gabby was alive, and it changed. When Gabby lost her fight The Get Well Gabby Foundation was formed.   This is a foundations page, this isn’t a personal page.  We share what is happening in our lives as an example of what families like ours goes through on a daily basis while fighting or after having fought cancer.


Get Well Gabby isn’t about raising awareness for our family, it’s about raising funds and awareness for all these other children fighting, who have fought, and who don’t even know they will be fighting Cancer.  Yes Gabby’s name is in it and will be.  It’s my selfish way of making sure her name lives on forever.  You can take out the name Gabby and add any name of a child fighting, or one that isn’t fighting; Get Well Cole, Get Well Rebecca… That’s what Get well Gabby is. Our Mission to make sure other kids get well now.  Just because Gabby didn’t get well doesn’t mean my family gives up trying to make a difference.  My daughter didn’t quit. She fought for 3 months and 12 days and The Get Well Gabby Foundation won’t quit either. The foundation will go on and continue to try to help change a child’s life, through caring and through raising what we can to help find a cure.


I love reading, Still have books I had as a child.  My family reads every night and always has.  Lately Carolynn and I have decided to start reading out loud to Madison and Katie again.  Even though they are 12 and 10 I read an article discussing the benefits of reading to your child no matter how old they are.  Recently I pulled out one of my favorite child books that I still have today it is called;


Because a Little Bug went Ka-CHOO!


It’s a fantastic book; it was part of the Dr. Seuss Beginner books.  It starts off like this:


“ You may not believe it,

But here’s how it happened.

One fine summer morning…

… a little bug sneezed.



The story goes on and with each page that sneeze set one thing after another into motion, an always-moving force, never-ending energy.  Eventually that one sneeze basically changed a city and everything along the way, a circus parade, a helicopter rescue, and a sinking boat, all because of a little bugs sneeze.


Why am I sharing this story with you?  I started this blog with a very graphic shocking statement, but what it comes down to is:


Change.  Gabby has changed, and what was once a personal page to keep everyone up to date on Gabby’s progress has changed into a registered 501(c)3 non- profit Foundations page.


Where at one time we used social media as a form of support for Gabby and my family now we use it for the benefit of the foundation.  We use social networking for one huge reason: It’s free.  This way there is one less expense to have to pay.  This way the money raised can go towards helping make a difference in a child’s life.  Not to advertising or marketing.  The Get Well Gabby foundation will continue to grow with your help.  It will continue to change and help the lives of as many families as we can that are fighting this battle.  We can’t do it without you.


The Get Well Gabby Foundation pledged to donate $125,000 to Neumors AI DuPont Children’s hospital.  We make a payment for the next five years.  This year will be the foundations third payment towards filling that pledge.  We can’t do this without your help.  Carolynn started a campaign to give a dollar a day in May.  That’s $31.00.  Skip going out to eat this week, help us help these children.  I explained to her yesterday if the foundation could raise $500.00 a day that would be $15,500!  After this pledge the foundation will continue on, we will fight until we don’t have to fight any longer.


What we need from you is to help us fight. Go to the foundation website at and click on the top right where it says believe and donate today.  $31.00,  $310, $3,000 or $1.   Every little bit helps.   We appreciate the likes and comments but that’s not what drives us to keep fighting.  Help this foundation grow and change the face of childhood cancer.   Share this post with all of your friends, as soon as you get done reading, visit the website, share the website and please make a donation. Help us help these amazing children and their amazing families. Mother’s day is coming up; Make a donation as a gift to your mother.  If you’re a mother donate as a gift to all the other mothers who have lost or are losing a child. Believe me Mothers day hasn’t been the same for my family in two years.  This will be the second that has gone by.  We will put on a smile, make Carolynn dinner and cards, but deep down I can tell she is holding back tears because there would have been three homemade cards from three girls this year instead of two. This is why we fight. So maybe one day a mother won’t have to know what it’s like to not have a child with them on Mothers day. Please do it now, do it tonight, share this message, this Facebook page, this post, the foundation website,


Help us make a change


The book “Because a little bug went Ka-CHoo! “Ends simply like it started:


And that started something

They’ll never forget.

And as far as I know

It is going on yet.

And that’s how it happened.

Believe me. It’s true.


Just because…

A small bug went KA-CHOO!



Gabby was that little bug to me.  I picture something she did years ago setting something into motion that is still going on.  In a way her fight with cancer was the sneeze that started The Get Well Gabby foundation.   And your help and donations are the sneezes that help this foundation make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer






Proud daddy of Madison, Kaitlyn, Gabby and Xander

4 thoughts on “Because Gabby went Ka-CHOO!

  1. This post is beautiful. I do not feel that placing Gabby’s name was selfish, but more of an empowerment – her name is the torch that you carry in honor of all other kids and families fighting this stupid disease. I love what your family is doing. Stay strong!

  2. We love her so so much I am so so sorry you passed away is very hard to explaine it I am having trouble to the woring feelings it makes me sad like very sad to be up in sky with Kepping harts to between us i am getting some help around my family to help me its hurts me to talk about it

    This Is Emily Elaine Elizabeth she is my sister and John Chirs Randy Casey I a big family I have two brothers and a dog i uesd to have a two Lidzrds They passed away now yep

    Don’t Forget The Scotts Family

  3. You and your family are amazing! I just want to give you all a big hug! I love your page, especially your Act of Random Kindness. I do this all the time just because, but now will hand out Gabby’s cards with it too to raise the awareness. God Bless you all and we will see you at the 5k in Lewes on Thanksgiving.

    Gabi Evans

  4. Hi. Your daughter seemed like an angel. Thank you for creating your blog. I am a father of 2 girls, 2 and 4. My sister has a brain tumor so your story resonated with me. Your writing makes me appreciate life and its fragilities a great deal. I am so very sorry for your losing your daughter. Thank you for opening your heart.