Random Acts of Kindness

The Get Well Gabby Foundation is all about making a difference. Part of making a difference is sharing the awareness that childhood cancer does exist. Some children battle for years and are able to overcome their cancer diagnosis. Some children battle for a short period of time and lose their battle quickly. Regardless of how long a child has to fight, they need a voice to speak up for them and raise awareness.

Help spread the message of warriors like Gabby. Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger. Buy their coffee, pay the toll or the bus fare for the person behind you, give someone a compliment to bring a smile to their day, or just help them appreciate life.

To help you explain why you’re doing a random act of kindness, we’ve prepared cards. Click on the card below to download a PDF. Print it out and keep them in your wallet. Pass them out as you do those acts so the recipient can understand why you did this for them.

Click to download a "Random Act of Kindness in memory of Gabriella Vogel" card

Click to download a "Random Act of Kindness in memory of Gabriella Vogel" card

If you arrived here because someone gave you a random act of kindness card, please take a moment to read about Gabriella Vogel, a beautiful 5-year-old girl who learned one morning she had pediatric cancer. Three short months later it took her from this world. Learn about the mission of our foundation we have created in her memory. Pediatric cancer is the number one killer by disease of children. For many pediatric cancers, like Gabriella’s, there isn’t a known cause and the diagnosis is terminal.

If you believe, help us spread the word. Help us find a cure. Be like Gabby, Oliver, Logan, Trey, Luca, Guiliana, Lexi, Miette, Victoria, Mackenzie, Valentina, Maddie, Nathan, Jackson, and the many other children that have fought or who are currently fighting for their life! Be a hero to a stranger because these children are heroes for all of us.